Build + Deploy Firebase Apps with Azure DevOps

I am a big fan of continuous integration and have historically used Gitlab to achieve this for my personal projects. A few of these projects are mirrored to my GitHub, but the building of the software is all done with Gitlab agents. These agents run on a virtual machine in Azure. I have to keep this machine up to date, and for simplicity it is always running which costs me a few dollars each month. In an ideal world, my builds would be cheaper and the maintenance would be non-existent.

There has been a lot of talk around Azure DevOps in my world lately, so i thought i would give it a bash. I have recently been working on a project that hasn’t found its source control home, so i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to kick the tyres on DevOps. The project in question happens to be an Ionic project that uses Google Firebase. It uses Firebase Hosting, Firebase Functions as well as the Firebase Database which we will have to keep in mind when designing our pipelines.

In a nut shell, here is what we need to do: